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I started fabricating things out of metal when I was very young. My dad raced stock cars and swamp buggies and I got my start welding at age 13 while learning about motors and racing. By 13 I was also racing stock cars. Over the years I built and raced stock cars, swamp buggies and mud boggers. I have made many things for myself and others such as utility trailers, bridges, and sculptures. I worked as a welder for only 1 year of my career making car hauler trailers. For most of my career I was a plasterer in Florida. After moving to upstate NY I worked in a variety of jobs in the construction field. I have only started exploring the artistic side of metal fabrication during the past five years. We started the metal business in 2006 to take my career in a different direction. It will take a while, but my plan is to fill this blog with pictures of many of the things I have built over the years. I hope you enjoy seeing some of my unique creations. My wife is actually writing this blog for me but she is presenting it from my standpoint with the information I give her. I am more skilled with a welder than a computer.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rex and Cavey

I made the dinosaur in 2008.  We call him Rex. He is about 10 feet tall.  He has made a home in our back yard area.  He lived alone for a year and then I made a small caveman to keep him company.  We call him Cavey.  They are both made mostly from chain. I did not paint them.  They are getting a natural rust finish.  Last Halloween, my son put a plastic bone in Rex's mouth and we left it there.  Cavey is holding a rock in one hand and a large stick in the other to fight off Rex if he should get tired of his bone!

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